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Homo Infinitus

Reindorfgassenviertel, Vienna, September 2021.

“Homo Infinitus” was developed in scientific cooperation with the Institute of Science and Technology Austria and revolves around the topics biohacking, life prolonging and transhumanism. Similar to a paper chase (Schnitzeljagd) the participants follow the story of a missing biohacker. While exploring different places, the participants receive QR-Codes, which lead them to audio messages and conversations with the performers. The site specific theatre game fills streets and houses with stories and approaches the problems and goals of life prolonging methods and the phenomena transhumanism in a critical context.

concept & directed by: Leonora Peuerböck, Lino Kleingarn

performance: Yves Jambo, Lena Johanna Hödl, Georg Müller-Angerer, Sarah Neichl

scientific support: Matthew Robinson (IST Austria)

technical support: Daniel Saravia

music: Fabian Zeiner und Andreas Winkler

funded by Land Niederösterreich and Bezirksförderung 1150, thanks to: Metaware, Mutzenbacher Pub&Bar, Miss Café, Künstlergasse 14,

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