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Leonora Peuerböck

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My name is Leonora Peuerböck or just Lola (she/her), I am born in Graz in 1992 and I am a performance artist and theatre pedagogue based in Vienna and Salzburg. The focus of my work lies on participatory art, which is strongly connected to immersive and game theatre forms. The perspective and involvement of the audience is always considered in my productions. I often include documents and biographic material. Through my works, I try to get a deeper understanding of the contemporary society by involving communities, witnesses and experts of everyday life.


  • MA Applied Theatre – artistic practise and society at the University Mozarteum Salzburg

  • “Spielleiter*in” theatre pedagogical education program at Theaterwerkstatt Heidelberg.

  • Theatre, film and media studies (BA+MA) at the University of Vienna

In 2016 I founded the performance group Küken – KünstlerInnen Kollektiv Ensemble where I worked in the fields of directing, piece development and organisation. I am part of magggi collective with focus on documentary art forms.

Another aspect of my artistic practice is being a theater pedagogue. I work for BeyondBühne in Baden and organize school projects with different age groups in Vienna. At Literaturwerkstatt Graz I support young adults in writing. I did internships (directing, dramaturgy) at Dschungel Wien, Schauspielhaus Wien, Burgtheater Wien and at Movimiento Comunal Nicaragüense in León, Nicaragua. 


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